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Poem to Accommodate a Martini by Kit Kennedy

The invisible fiber between anticipation

& satisfaction



Begin with instruction:

very wet   very dry   with a twist

specify vodka  not of potato

French wheat  filtered through Champagne limestone

unrelentingly specific    there the corporal

& spiritual meet




surface of ice

floes, calving iceberg in the Y

of a chalice, lodestar admits

no question


   (An hint from a savvy bartender:  


    whether sunny or gray




    a second home

    as geese migrate)


Bartender requires no jigger

litany   ritual   & the shaken

transmute  liquid into elixir  

Thus, well versed

we know the sacred

on a first name basis


Kit Kennedy co-authored Inconvenience (Littoral Press, Berkeley) and Constellations (Co-Lab Press, San Francisco) both with Susan Gangel.  While Eating Oysters is published by CLWN WR Press, Brooklyn.   She lives in San Francisco and blogs at www.poetrybites.blogspot.com.