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Inner Weather by Alan King

Don't you know
when you're gone,
rain fills sink holes.
Thunder startles the silence.
The weather vane
is a confused compass
in an endless storm.

I wonder if I'm destined
to travel forever in search of sunlight
until your smile comes after the blizzard.
The light of it glitters
ice patches cracking
under the weight of warmth.

Your smile is spearmint
marking the troubled air
that sweeps through,
scatters leaves and tugs
at branches.


Alan King is a poet and journalist, living in the DC metropolitan area. His poems have appeared in Alehouse, Audience, Boxcar Poetry Review, Indiana Review, MiPoesias and RATTLE, among others. He’s also the senior program director for DC Creative Writing Workshop, a Cave Canem fellow, VONA Alum, and MFA candidate at the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program. He’s been nominated for both a Best of the Net selection and Pushcart Prize. His first collection of poems, Drift, will be published in 2012 by Willow Books.