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Welcome to tak′tīl, an online literary journal exploring sense

tactile (tak′tīl)  adj.

1. Characterized by or conveying an illusion of tangibility.

2. Used for feeling: a tactile organ.

3. Of, relating to, or proceeding from the sense of touch; tactual: a tactile   

Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the official launch site of Taktil Magazine. Within the confines of each page we are pleased to invite readers and visitors to explore poetry and prose that evoke both a literary and sensory experience. Our contributors bring synapse to life through words, film, and photography. It’s our mission to capture the allure, and at times, the strange complexity of what’s encountered, remembered, inhaled, and imbibed in every day.

Taktil offers a telling of what’s all around. In this issue, you’ll find pleasures such as the ritual of plump pulp lounging on a morning rim of juice. The nostalgia inscribed within the pages of a recipe book, and the return to slippery mushrooms and rosemary-rubbed lamb chops. The adventure in a simple handshake, or relief of a certain silence understood. The symphonic splash of a puddle, and cool enclosure of a blue-black sky. The smooth satisfaction of ice and silent gleam of vodka, skimming its surface.

Our subconscious or unconscious often mingles more with simplicity. Though the effects of this are likely omniscient, in its ever-presence, we may take it for granted, and forget to share such experiences with ourselves or others. Taktil aims to exist as homage to the more tangible elements or encounters, yet offers a refined retelling courtesy of literature and art.

There’s certain boldness in what’s bare, intimacy to be found in everyday, a marked vividness to subtlety. Taktil is simply, a celebration of this. We hope you will linger on it as we do.


Thank you,

Kaitlyn Siner



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